BS6088 Glass Besds are high quality glass micro spheres resulting from the specialized processing of selected glass cullet.

BS6088 standard glass beads is a major factor in increasing road safety in a very economical way.Thanks to the beads'retroreflective action at night,a vehicle's  headlight beam is returned to the driver's  eyes,which results in a “light-up” effect of the striping.The micro spheres not only multiply the visibility of road markings at night,but also increase the striping's  durability in general. BS6088 glass beads are used as drop-on agent and as premix beads for road marking materials.

The following is the relevant parameters of Premix glass beads for road marking(BS6088A).

Sieve (μm) 
Alternative NO.(mesh)
1180  14 0-3  SiO2 content is not less than 70%;
Circle rate: 70%
850  20 5-20 
425  40 65-95 
<425  <40 0-10