Austrilia AS 2009 Standard glass beads are made of glass as raw materials, processed by special processes and high quality glass beads.

The use of Austrilia AS 2009 Standard glass beads has greatly improved the safety factor of road traffic, which plays an important role in road safety.

With micro glass beads refraction principle, in night car headlight beam is reflected back into their line of sight, which formed the marking shiny effect, these beads not only enhances the visibility of night road marking, and on the whole increased the service life of the marking.

The following is the relevant parameters of Austrilia AS 2009 Standard.

Sieve size (μm)
Alternative NO.(mesh)
passing (%)
1300   Trace Content of heavy metal:
As, Sb, Pb: ≤50ppm;
Hg, CdO, Cr6+:≤10ppm
Or heavy metal content shall not exceed 200ppm
1180 16 0-3
850 20 5-20
425 40 65-95
Pan   0-10