After the coating and water proof treantment the glass beads have the features of a certain hydrophobicity, flotation and flowability which can improve the reflection effects at rainy night and suitable to be used under rainy, foggy and humid condition. On the other hand, the glass beads after coupling agent coating treatment are much easily bonded with the coatings and they are not easy to be dropped off and can extend the service life.

When fire the glass beads, add the coating solution, and the coating solution will volatilize and form the molecular film under high temperature condition and then uniformly attached to the surfaces of glass beads coating resulting inthe waterproof mevbrane or adhesive membrane. The coated membrae can prevent the surfaces of glass beads from being corrosive and deliquesced, in the meantime, it can increase the adhesion between the glass beads and the coating.

Due to the coating material of glass bead is a kind of organic material , and it has good cosolvency with the road coating. When the glass beads are spread on the surface of road marking, they will not be easily dropped off with strong adhesion to ensure the reflective effect for a long time.

The coated glass beads have the features of good flowability and no agglomeration, it can be spread uniformly and easy construction, the reflective effect can be guaranteed. The usage of the glass beads can be saved about 15% in practice. The coated glass beads have the ability of self-cleaning which can reduce the pollution for the road markings caused by rain, dust and others. It will not affect the construction in adamp environment.