Hot melt marking paint is applied on the road, for road signs marking paint. It is a security mark, in road traffic in a "language."
Hot melt coating in the production of the factory, has been mixed within the glass beads mixed in the hot melt coating. At room temperature, hot melt marking paint is solid powder, when construction of the paint melted into the kettle, the kettle temperature was controlled between 180 ℃ ~ 210 ℃, melting side while stirring, until melted molten flow state after , the car crossed into the insulation melting hopper. Introducing molten coating is then crossed back hopper, and maintained so that the material remains molten. Former scribe marking machine with a pre-marked position, according to design icon next coating position on the machine with the following varnish coating primer. After the next Paint thoroughly dry before being coated with marking paint. He crossed the start should be put on the fighting crossed the road, because the fighting has crossed a certain gap between the ground and, when the car crossed the front line, by automatically flowing and scraping out a neat markings. Glass beads spreader can automatically uniformly spreading a standard line level spreading glass beads, and the high-road highway will be used in high-refraction reflective glass beads.