Recent Status of 3-4mm Glass Beads


Recent days, 3-4mm glass beads become a hot, very hot information purchase, diameter 3-4mm Glass beads in the group of glass beads be relatively large glass beads, and is usually called grinding beads, available In metal grinding, toys, filling, road construction and other industries. The larger diameter of the glass beads in the factory the most difficult production, production is difficult to upgrade up. And there is a Grinding bead production equipment has solved these problems. The following picture is taken in the factory to 3-4mm grinding beads production line equipment picture, because the glass beads production is a high energy consumption production Industry, accompanied by pollution, the picture of the equipment has been black.
3-4mm grinding glass beads production process
Grinding furnace is divided into single-tube firing furnace and multi-tube firing furnace. In special conditions such as high temperature conditions, Glass particles in the firing furnace sintering, so that different mesh size of glass particles fired into spherical objects. Firing The spheres are discharged out of the sintering furnace along with the pipes, and the spherical particles are counted in the range of 5 mm to 600 Meters. From the furnace to burn out the grinding glass beads, carbon black in its surface, oily and other impurities, light Cleanliness is not enough, through this equipment to clean, so that grinding beads to reach bright and translucent. During cleaning, water, acid And other mixture washed washing machine within the grinding beads, washing machine barrel driven by the motor under the rapid rotation, In the role of centrifugal force, so that the grinding surface of the impurity beads removed. After cleaning the grinding beads into the dryer, In the motor driven by the pipeline with the rotation, in the process of grinding the beads fully heated. After drying, Grinding beads out of the pipe mouth. Grinding beads into the silo, through the vibrating feeder to a special belt On the machine, for accurate round. So that the material into a round rate of 90-95% or more. Good roundness of the beads pass
The funnel is packed directly. Roundness enough beads with the belt conveyor to re-create.