Application of Glass Bead in Reflective Printing


Glass Bead in Reflective Printing
Glass beads are spherical, good light transmittance, high reverse coefficient, high-quality glass beads with a unique reflective efficiency. When the glass beads combined with printing technology, people break at night, "see" and "seen" problems.
Reflective printing is the reflective material glass beads added to the ink resin, after a special printing process printed on the fabric in a variety of colors, light or night light is not strong, by reflecting the external light and self-luminous, to eye-catching purpose. Reflective printing of the reflective efficiency is high. The use of this process to make safety clothing or signs, no matter how far away, or light interference, can easily be found by the driver. Thus solving the night driving safety problems.
As shown, when we use the above process on clothes, clothes not only looks beautiful, but also Kai to the role of security. Clothes in the night light, the colorful colors are very beautiful, so that our temperament looks "tall on."