The role of blasting glass beads


The role of blasting glass beads
First, the use of blasting glass beads
1, the surface of stainless steel products matt treatment
2, for a variety of mold cleaning
3, to remove all types of mechanical tensile stress, increase fatigue life
4, semiconductor devices, plastic pipe on the tin before the clean-up to remove the edge of the spines
5, medical equipment, textile machinery and various types of hardware products to enhance the processing of blasting
6, all kinds of metal pipe, non-ferrous metal precision castings to clean up and remove burr residue

Second, the blasting glass beads Features:
1, both soft and hard - the use of high-quality materials from the production, that is, a certain mechanical strength, sio2 content greater than or equal to 68%, hardness up to 6-7 Mohs, there are enough flexibility, can be used several times, , The spray device the same effect than ordinary glass beads more than 3 times longer life.
2, uniformity - into a round rate greater than or equal to 80%, uniform particle size, the blasting device after the brightness uniformity throughout the device, not easy to leave a watermark.
3, can not be replaced - blasting beads as a grinding material than any other grinding material has the following advantages: In addition to metal grinding materials, than any other media use for a long time, with non-alkaline soda-lime glass material, with Good chemical stability, will not contaminate the processing of metal, can speed up the clean-up, while maintaining the accuracy of the original objects
4, smooth without impurities - the appearance of spherical particles, no impurities; surface smooth, with good finish, to international and domestic standard level
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