Glass bead overview


Glass bead overview
The glass bead is a solid or hollow glass bead with a diameter of several microns to a few millimeters. The manufacturing method of the powder method, the solution method, the calcination method and so on.

Varieties of tiny glass beads were solid glass beads, hollow glass micro beads, high strength glass beads, craft glass beads, glass beads, such as alkali glass bead, neutral glass beads, glass beads, fly ash hollow glass beads.

Because of the glass bead density of small, low thermal conductivity, dielectric constant, load and unload high strength, chemical corrosion resistance and other physical and chemical properties is widely used in military, traffic, building materials, medical equipment, nylon, rubber, engineering plastics, aviation and other many fields. The main purposes were: the deuterium and tritium cenosphere as nuclear fusion vector; emulsion explosive sensitized agent; heat insulation, sound insulation, fire resistance, high temperature materials; high performance lightweight equipment and construction materials; advanced insulation; oil collecting, filtering materials; stealth materials.