Glass Bead Retroreflective Material Solution


Glass Bead Retroreflective Material Solution
1) How much retroreflective material area / high reflective rate to avoid glare phenomenon.
For retroreflective materials, the glare is mainly due to the strong reflection in the field of view of the retroreflective material and the surrounding dark environment has too much contrast, glare intensity and observation angle, distance and headlights Illumination has a great relationship, in theory, and the light source area also has a relationship, the smaller the observation angle, the closer the distance, the higher the illumination headlamps, the larger the area of ​​the light source, the stronger the glare. On the road signs, from the perspective of improving the area to improve glare, personally think that is not appropriate or should not be the first choice, which will have a greater impact on the visual effect. More reflective materials should be from the retro-reflective properties of choice and collocation on the validation and optimization, usually more than 400cd / lxm2 retroreflective material of the retroreflective material can be accepted by the human eye or quickly adapt to the glare, and more than 600cd / Lxm2, the resulting glare intensity will make people feel very uncomfortable.
2) tunnel protruding signs / spikes how the pros and cons, lane boundaries, lane edge installation without necessary.
Tunnel protruding road signs / spike products and applications in this area I have little contact, the pros and cons I dare not jump to do the analysis, personally think that the road signs / spike material and road adhesion and adhesion strength than its own reflective Performance is more important, high-speed impact in the vehicle tires, squeeze its off, fragmentation caused by the security risks really is not small. Lane boundaries and lane edges can provide a good warning to the occupants when the vehicle tracks drift, the necessity of its existence is obvious.
3) Analysis of the practicality and economy of retroreflective materials for rural roads (signs and marking).
 A vast number of villages are distributed between the millions of kilometers of rural roads, many of which road is not marked, marking and other basic security facilities, the signs of what the performance of the retroreflective material, I think it is a need to integrate the parties Factors, economic, application is a fundamental principle. In fact, these years the road traffic signs in the selection of retroreflective material has been the existence of the pursuit of tall errors on many road signs retroreflective material selection is not in accordance with the principles of application and built a custom road, diamond road, diamond card, which And related production enterprises lack the appropriate guidance, persuasion, research capacity and awareness, but also the lack of independence, strong professional standards of evaluation, demonstration agencies.
 From the perspective of the application of retroreflective materials, rural road is characterized by less background noise, traffic flow is small, slow speed, narrow lane, the geographical environment is relatively complex, so the use of anti-reflective performance is relatively low but very high cost of glass beads Type reflective film as the main material of the logo, in the complex sections with a fluorescent bead type engineering grade reflective film to enhance the significance, I think it is very appropriate and economical. Bead-type engineering-level reflective film can guarantee more than 5 years of outdoor life, and its soft retrospective light can also provide a good view of the protection.