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Selection of two-component road marking glass beads

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two-component road marking glass beads
Two-component road marking with its excellent durability, anti-fouling by more and more attention and application, due to spray-type two-component marking only surface glass beads, according to GB GB / T24722 "road marking with Glass beads "standard as the surface with glass beads, spray thickness 0.6-0.8mm two-component road marking using glass beads particle size 0.1-0.85mm, and 0.6-0.8 into a round rate of 70%, the remaining particle size into Round rate of 80%, roundness was significantly lower, the particle size was significantly smaller.
According to the research data released by the Porter Research Institute of the United States, for the sprayed two-component marking, the use of high-round rate (greater than 90%), the use of improved coating materials for surface treatment, glass beads particle size 1 -1.2 times the glass beads that spray thickness 0.6-0.8mm marking the use of glass beads should be 0.8-1.6mm diameter is appropriate.
At present there are two contradictory practices in the application, one is to pursue high reflective performance, the general use of 20-40 mesh glass beads or 1.93 high refraction beads method of construction, due to the special nature of high refractive glass beads, high specific gravity (4.2 ) And its production process limits, the particle size can not achieve the required particle size. Moreover, the domestic gas furnace is difficult to burn high round rate of large diameter glass beads. Another two-component marking is to highlight the stain resistance, simply do not use glass beads to sacrifice important reflective safety performance in exchange for two-component marking of the anti-fouling properties.
This is because of the practice of unworthy, resulting in the reasons for this contradiction, to a large extent, we are still hot melt experience to the two-component matching glass beads, including a lot of glass beads manufacturers, there is no adjustment of production technology, Components of the road marking the special glass beads products.
According to the European and American countries released research data, for the spray-type two-component marking, supporting two-component marking for large particle size, high round rate of glass beads, can ensure that the two-component line stains at the same time under the premise of Very good reflective performance, and truly achieve the anti-pollution and reflective two-component anti-fouling road marking.

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