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Road signs, lines, license plate why the reflective is very

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Reflective coating is the use of micro-prism crystal regression reflection principle, in other long-range light source you can also produce a strong reflective effect and reflected back to the light, without external power supply, to achieve in the dark as the effect of light. Car plate and road signs with high refractive index glass beads after the surface of aluminum as a retroreflector, with a strong reverse retroreflective performance, can be 85% of the light directly reflected back to the light source, the reflection caused by the reflection of the reflection Brightness, can make the driver and the night with a light source or poor vision of the case clearly see the pedestrian or obstacle goals to ensure the safety of both sides.
Reflect the principle of car license is usually said that the return of reflection, the road traffic signs, warning signs are the same type of product, it is built through the glass beads (also exposed) to achieve. According to the degree of reflection can generally be divided into several categories: high-strength level, license plate, engineering and advertising level. Many of these signs are made of reflective paint, which uses a reflective film.
Reflective film products are a wide range of new optical materials. It is based on the principle of thin lens imaging, the glass beads were evenly embedded in the organic resin as an optical original, laminated with a resin multilayer. With its production of reflective brightness than the general paint signs bright dozens to hundreds of times. Products are widely used in roads, railways, ports, airports, mines, fire, vehicle license, environmental protection, advertising and other areas of the production of reflective signs, signs. The use of the product, can make people at night in a few hundred meters away to see signs, to a large extent to improve people's ability to identify the mark at night, to enhance the safety awareness and publicity role. The product is the recent advent of high-tech products, then widely used, is now visible in this product produced by the reflective signs, has been closely related to people's production and life, the application of this product is another symbol of human civilization and progress.

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