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Create beautiful Christmas trees with glass beads

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Christmas trees with glass beads
From steel to crystal, from teddy bear to Lego blocks, the new material has always been the magic tree of the magic tree. At Christmas, the Christmas tree is an indispensable ornament, then create a beautiful Christmas tree, we can use recycled glass beads as the protagonist, the design of the most creative glass Christmas tree.

Let's take a look at the first Christmas tree made of glass in Shanghai. It is unveiled at Shanghai Pudong Jinqiao International Plaza. Tree height of 6.5 meters, with the light changes reflect the colorful light. The lights in the night make the glass beads bloom brilliant gorgeous, magnificent, full of artistic and cultural atmosphere. The same time as

According to the creator of the tree, the first to obtain the British glass art doctorate in China, "80" artist Xuelu introduction, glass Christmas tree is the use of countless grain size of glass beads in the silica gel under the bonding made of these Glass is her team recovered from various channels and recycled.

Small glass beads like pearls in general, rounded and full of small body blooming out of the glory of the day, we should explore the advantages of glass beads, the use of glass beads characteristics, to create a more beautiful Christmas tree, and even other Beautiful objects.

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