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Glass beads for magnetic separation

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Glass beads for magnetic separation
Iron ore reserves are limited, taste is also low, the content of fly ash in more than 5%, from the fly ash selected iron-rich beads, can also add some iron ore source, and after the iron after the iron tail, the powder Coal ash refractoriness and other quality has improved, for other ways to create the conditions. It can be seen from the fly ash refractoriness and other quality has improved, for other ways to create the conditions. It can be seen from the fly ash in the separation of iron-rich beads is one of the economic value of the use of ways. Fly ash in the iron-rich vitreous addition to a small amount of dense glass beads (the amount of iron to determine the number of iron-rich glass beads were yellow, brown, red, black and other different colors), the vast majority of micro- Of the magnetite and hematite constitute beads of particles. The iron-rich microbeads have a particle size of less than 45 microns and a relative density of about 4.2, which is characterized by low activity, magnetic, conductor, high strength, good fluidity, and 15% of the total ash content.
The magnetic separation process can be divided into dry magnetic separation and wet magnetic field, Choose two kinds, in which the wet magnetic separation process is more mature.
1.Dry magnetic separation
Dry magnetic separation is mainly used for dry row of fly ash, through the magnetic separator side of the election iron concentrate, one side of the tailings. Dry magnetic separation because the material layer is too thick, often the upper layer of gray magnet is not easy to choose, the recovery rate is low, while the dust due to the sticky, concentrate contains more silicon aluminum particles, so that the product taste is not high , Coupled with the equipment more difficult to seal, dust pollution, these are dry iron to be improved aspects of iron.
2. Wet magnetic separation
Magnetic separator installed in the wet under the dust collector, mortar natural drop into the magnetic separator for sorting, which is a magnetic separation, the classification of iron-rich microblogging grade is often only 46% -50%, so should Add selected process, that is, secondary magnetic separation, grade up to 56%, while SiO2 content can be up to 16%.
Rough selection in the selection before, in order to avoid powder with remanence and produce bond phenomenon, through the demagnetization or flushing process, red iron particles between the micro-magnetic gangue and other impurities. Only with a mud pump will be demagnetized or flushed after the slurry into the selection process, it is conducive to the selection of iron-rich beads to provide the grade.

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