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Glass bead traffic paint use precautions

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Glass bead for traffic paint
Commonly used in the construction of the coating is hot melt marking paint, in the construction, hot melt marking paint and glass beads mixed together, or glass beads scattered on the hot melt coating.
In the construction we should pay attention to the matter:
1. Trailer feeding should be used filter filter, so as not to enter the mark caused by marking scratches
2. The optimum construction temperature is about 180 ℃, the applicable temperature is 170 ℃ -210 ℃, 200 ℃ above the long time heating will cause some components volatile, affecting the quality of paint
3. Temperature exceeds 230 ℃ will cause paint charred, causing discoloration, affecting the quality of paint.
4. When using the lower coating agent, must wait until the coating agent after drying and then coated, otherwise it will lead to marking the bubble, off.
5. Construction of cement pavement should be used for concrete pavement under the paint
6. Construction should be cleaned before the road to keep the road clean
7. The road must be kept dry during construction. Avoid dew, fog, rain after construction
8. After the rain in the cement road construction, must wait until the surface of the road surface and the basic dry before drying
9. Pavement can not have oil, oil pollution should be polished when dealing with the road
10. Pavement should be polished when it is too smooth
11. should be covered when the old line should be polished; must use cement pavement special coating
12. Reflective glass beads should be buried in the marking line 2/3, revealing the line 1/3 for the best

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