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Glass bead production process

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Glass bead
The production process of glass beads is divided into 6 steps:
1., the production of glass beads must first select raw materials, raw materials, good or bad, decided to produce the quality of glass beads, raw materials to choose clean, no impurities, strength and toughness of good glass.
2., select good glass, and then glass sand crushing, glass broken into glass sand, in accordance with the size of the size, crushed into even, moderate glass sand, so as to burn the time, save manpower and material resources.
3., smashing glass sand, drying treatment, and then use gas furnace firing, firing the natural gas temperature to 800-1000 degrees, firing at the same time check the glass bead roundness.
4., baking glass beads semi-finished products, into the vibration sieve to screening.
5., the screening of glass beads, in accordance with a certain proportion of mixing (if the coating needs to be completed before mixing).
6. packing shipment.
Specific procedures are as follows:
Take grinding bead production line as an example
Grinding bead furnace is a new generation of products developed by our company. It is divided into single tube firing furnace and multi tube baking furnace. In the special environment under the conditions of high temperature, the glass particles in the firing furnace sintering, the glass particles of different mesh materials into spherical objects. The ball fired with the outflow pipe sintering furnace, and the spherical particles of 5 mm -600 microns in size. The grinding glass beads produced from the furnace have carbon black, oil and other impurities on the surface, and the finish is not enough. After cleaning by this equipment, the grinding beads reach the bright and translucent. When washing, grinding, acid water mixture cleaning machine of the bead, the barrel cleaning machine rotating rapidly under the drive of the motor, the centrifugal force, the bead surface impurities removed. After cleaning the abrasive beads into the dryer, driven by the motor, the pipe rotates with the grinding process, the beads are fully heated. After drying, the abrasive bead flows out of the pipe mouth. The abrasive bead enters the bin and is sent to a special belt conveyor by vibrating feeder to make accurate circle separation. The rounding rate of the material is above 90-95%. Beads of good quality are packed directly through a funnel. Round enough beads with belt back.

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