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Application of Glass Beads in Road Marking Coatings[2017-08-22 13:59:58]
Road marking paint is the road marking paint, used to regulate road traffic, marked on the ground marked role. Multi-coated with cement, asphalt, other paint on the base, commonly used in urban areas, rural roads, highways, parking lots, fac
Create beautiful Christmas trees with glass beads[2017-07-29 08:52:41]
From steel to crystal, from teddy bear to Lego blocks, the new material has always been the magic tree of the magic tree. At Christmas, the Christmas tree is an indispensable ornament, then create a beautiful Christmas tree, we can use recyc
Road signs, lines, license plate why the reflective is very[2017-07-25 15:19:55]
Reflective coating is the use of micro-prism crystal regression reflection principle, in other long-range light source you can also produce a strong reflective effect and reflected back to the light, without external power supply, to achieve
Application of Glass Beads Materials in Plastics[2017-07-24 11:10:13]
At present, the micro-ball material in the plastic processing industry is the most widely used. Mainly in the following areas:
Application of Glass Microsphere Material in Coating Ink[2017-07-22 09:30:03]
As the hollow microbead with insulation, flame retardant, high temperature, low temperature, corrosion, fire, insulation, self-lubricating and good mobility, large surface area and small particle size and other characteristics. It can be wid
Road glass beads for round rate test method[2017-07-21 17:22:07]
Road with a reflection of glass beads into a round rate is through the provisions of a certain test conditions, artificial glass beads are divided into two types of beads and non-round beads to define the value, the specific can be divided i
Application of Ultra-fine Glass Beads in Rubber Industry[2017-07-18 09:39:39]
A kind of ultrafine glass beads extracted from industrial waste fly ash as a new multi-functional industrial filler in the 21st century is attracting the attention of society as a whole. According to the research shows that it has non-toxic,
Selection of two-component road marking glass beads[2017-07-17 15:58:08]
Two-component road marking with its excellent durability, anti-fouling by more and more attention and application, due to spray-type two-component marking only surface glass beads, according to GB GB / T24722 "road marking with Glass beads "
Why the best road anti-skid material is glass beads[2017-07-13 10:37:29]
Road anti-skid is to protect traffic accidents less, to protect the safety of motorists and car life, is the greatest guarantee for the safety of our citizens! This is also the biggest purpose of non-slip road. Pavement non-slip is mainly oc
The main uses of glass beads[2017-07-11 16:39:34]
Glass beads for road use are mainly used in normal temperature type and hot melt road marking coatings. Two types of premixed and sprinkled glass, premixed glass beads can be used in the production of hot-melt road coatings mixed in the pai
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